You can expect the Germans to redesign commonplace products in a way that makes them much more functional than you’d imagine. I wouldn’t otherwise expect a flask to have two mouths placed at 45° angles, but the JuNiki‘s does make sense when the logic of it is broken down. The flask comes with a unique, patent-pending cap featuring two mouths, one wide and one narrow, both tilted at 45° angles. The wider neck makes it easier to fill the flask (with liquids or fruits/veggies for infusion) as well as clean the flask, while the narrower neck is much more suited for drinking directly from the bottle, or even for pouring.

The JuNiki‘s flask body comes in a variety of styles, all unified by its unique dual-mouthed cap. Available in borosilicate as well as stainless steel versions, the JuNiki‘s can be used as a regular drinking bottle in its borosilicate avatar, and a thermos/flask, with the stainless steel construction. Apt for infusions, the JuNiki’s slim borosilicate build lets you see the fruits floating in the water as you sip it. The narrow mouth makes drinking more convenient, as it holds back the pieces of fruit/vegetables you place in the bottle. The borosilicate version of the JuNiki‘s comes with an inner glass container too, giving it a double wall that’s perfect for ice – chilling your drink without diluting it.

The bottle-neck’s 45° angle makes it easier to pour into and sip out of. No more holding the bottle at awkward angles to point the bottle’s opening at the water source. The tilted wider neck catches water without you needing to tilt the bottle, and sipping becomes easier thanks to the narrower 45° neck.

Bottle designs are almost usually standardized, with their vertical orientation. The JuNiki‘s makes a subtle change to the norm, making the bottle easier to use, whether it’s filling the bottle, or sipping from it.

Designer: Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck