JuNiki's Press Release - December 17th 2018

JuNiki's - the World's Most Expensive Drinking Bottle Engineered in Germany / Perfect Luxurious Christmas Gift

Luxurious reusable drinking bottles are booming. BKR and S'WELL are well-known. New competitor JuNiki's is providing an unbeatable benefit.

SCHWANEWEDE, GermanyDec. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Luxurious drinking bottles are experiencing a boom. Water bottles like BKR, S'WELL and HYDRO FLASK are well-known. But with JuNiki's – a fresh drinking bottle start-up from Germany – a new serious competitor is entering the market, providing an unbeatable benefit.

Interview with Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck – Founder & CEO of JuNiki's Double Neck from Germany:

"We are just about to present our JuNiki's bottle for the very first time in Berlin next January at the XOOM Vibes – the new fair showing current vibrations in green thinking. But already now the JuNiki's idea becomes reality: To save the world from PET plastic bottles – we do need an alternative reusable flask. A flask that is suitable for day-to-day life, providing benefits and making people's life easier instead of adding new issues. And this is what people start to realize: current bottles available might be chic, but by no means are they easy to use on a day-by-day basis. Hard to fill at small faucets or water coolers, not to be used with big chunks of fruits or vegetables for infusing water, hard to drink from without spilling, hard to clean, not dishwasher-proof, not leak-proof when traveling; just to mention a few current issues preventing much more people from using a reusable water bottle instead of PET plastic bottles."

JuNiki's has re-invented the drinking bottle, providing the world's most convenient flask, both suitable for everyday life and ecologically sustainable – for our whole environment. All the benefits provided come from a patent-pending cap featuring not one but two mouths, one wide and one narrow, and being much more functional than one would imagine. By this innovative design, JuNiki's is getting rid of all the weaknesses of current bottles mentioned above, providing the best solution for taking the healthy drink – whatever it is - to wherever people like.

And to gain attraction, JuNiki's developed a very special flask: The world's most expensive reusable drinking bottle: A 64OZ flask coming in noble wood or stone optics with $149.95. "But we don't expect the people to use these wonderful flasks for rough outdoor activities; they are more intended to be used at the festive table – for serving cold drinks like a strawberry limes cocktail to their friends and family…" Dr. Kehlenbeck explains, "and they are selling well – worldwide."

Customers still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the ones they love - and don't mind the express postal charges from Germany to the US - might use the offered VIP-order-by-email service to secure one of the few remaining masterpieces in Teak, Granite or Marble optics: VIP-order@junikis.com or might order via Amazon  https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=w_bl_hsx_s_sp_web_0?ie=UTF8&search-alias=aps&field-keywords=JN+JuNiki%27s  

About JuNiki's

JuNiki's is a reusable drinking bottle start-up located in Germany. Based on his bad experiences with reusable drinking bottles for his own daughters, Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck reinvented the drinking bottle, coming up with an innovative patent-pending design. JuNiki's mission is to provide the world's most convenient reusable drinking bottle – thus enabling and motivating more people to take their own healthy drink wherever they go instead of using beverages from single-use PET plastic bottles or cans. JuNiki's products are available and sold worldwide.