JuNiki's Press Release - December 28th 2018

Dec. 29th: German Drinking Bottle Start-Up introduces “JuNiki’s 1st International Day of the Reusable Drinking Bottle"

Save the World from PET Plastic Bottles // Time for a Personal New Year’s Resolution

Perfect New Year's Resolution: Use less PET plastic bottles - easy thing provided you are using an innovative JuNiki's bottle...”
— Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck - JuNiki's CEO & Founder
SCHWANEWEDE NEAR BREMEN, LOWER SAXONY, GERMANY, December 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The German Drinking Bottle Start-Up JuNiki’s is establishing “JuNiki’s 1st International Day of the Reusable Drinking Bottle” on December 29th 2018. Reason behind: Over 1 Million PET plastic bottles are being sold per minute – worldwide – with a rising tendency. Each of us can do something against it: How about a personal New Year’s resolution against usage of PET plastic bottles? Sounds impossible? For sure, if you have had bad experiences with conventional reusable bottles, your daily life might become more stressful. This is where JuNiki’s comes in to help: Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck, CEO and Founder of JuNiki’s, developed a new kind of drinking bottle. While conventional water bottles focusing just on water, being by no means easy to use on a day-by-day basis – the newly developed and international patent pending flask JuNiki’s is providing lots of benefits, enabling you to take your own drink, whatever it is, wherever you want – hassle free. For more information about JuNiki’s and its products, please visit www.junikis.com

About JuNiki’s
JuNiki’s is a reusable drinking bottle company located in Germany. Based on his bad experiences with reusable drinking bottles for his own daughters, Dr. Christian Kehlenbeck reinvented the drinking bottle, coming up with an innovative patent-pending design. JuNiki’s mission is to provide the world’s most convenient reusable drinking bottle – thus enabling and motivating more people to take their own healthy drink wherever they go instead of using beverages from single-use PET plastic bottles or cans. JuNiki’s products are available and sold worldwide – currently being delivered from Germany only. A sales network in the US is being developed at the moment to facilitate their availability in the States.