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Log-On to your creative mind: Create your own JuNiki´s bottle by mixing and matching components leading to over 500.000 different designs…
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JuNiki´s patent pending drinking bottles: First choice for athletes

More and more amateur and professional athletes enjoy the advantages only a JuNiki´s® drinking bottle is offering:

  1. Most hygienical drinking opening with a size ideally for drinking directly from the flask with high flow, without risk of spilling
  2. Separate angled refill-opening - for most hygienically refilling, also horizontally at any dispenser
  3. Wide-mouth bottle - most easily to be filled and cleaned, dishwasher-safe
  4. Insulation function for refreshing cool drinks during summer and warming drinks during winter
  5. Leak-proof, also when using carbonated drinks
  6. Bottle made of premium stainless-steel, BPA-free
  7. Available in popular sizes 14/18/32oz
  8. Open for individual customization by mixing and matching caps and cap holder in different colors
Back to School: Set JuNiki´s flask and lunchbox

JuNiki´s® is well-known for innovative, sustainable and everyday life suitable drinking bottles.

Daily filling and cleaning of bottles will become easy. Even preparing of tea inside the flask when using the tea infuser. Children love the leak-proof bottle, being easy to drink from without spilling, and most easily to be refilled at school.

Next to a bottle, an easy to use lunch box is important.

Ideally also leak-proof, and coming with a flexible divider, ensuring bread and vegetables are staying separately, not touching each other.

Go and get your set with JuNiki´s® drinking bottle and Lunchbox at a special price.

Choose your size of the bottle and the color of the cap. Add a set of colored cap holders if you´d like, or separately colored lids to pimp up your flask. Perfect for everyday life, and individually you. Order your set now.

New offer -> The ideal complement to your JuNiki´s® flask: The brand new lunchbox set containing a flexible divider, a separate dipper box and a bag
Your new JuNiki´s Backpack - with sidepockets big enough to take your JuNiki´s flasks. Preorder now.